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T-shirts & gifts with headphones for musicians, DJ’s, music lovers, choirs, craftsmen, drummers, sound technicians or sound engineers. Let’s make some noise t-shirts and gifts against too much silence. If you are interested in music, craftsman, drummer, dj, deejay, dee jay, disk jockey, sound engineer or technician you might like this shirt.

Lets make some noise headphone t-shirts whiteLets make some noise headphone t-shirts

45 rpm Vinyl Record Adapter T-Shirts

T-shirts & gifts for turntable and vinyl lovers, musicians, analog freaks, sound engineers or DJ’s. T-Shirts imprinted with an essential accessory from the times of 45 RPM Single records. One put the star in the hole of the record and then could play them on a record player. The distressed imprint gives the shirt a nice used look appearance.

45rpm record adapter t-shirts


Alto Clef Viola Key T-Shirts

More Alto clef t-shirts for classical violist, viola players, strings, string players or trombone musicians are now live on amazon:



The black distressed imprint gives your shirt a nice “used look” appearance. Available in several different colors and sizes

Alto Clef Viola Key T-Shirts

Our ALTO CLEF viola t-shirts are now live on AMAZON:



T-shirts and gifts with musical symbols: The alto clef, also called viola key is on the third note line, placed on the fourth, referred to him as a tenor clef.

Drop the Bass T-Shirts

Life isn’t worth the treble: Drop the bass t-shirts for bass players, musicians, singers, orchestra musicians, instrumentalists, tuba, DJs, dee jays, Dubstep, EDM, Drum und Bass, House, Techno, Trance, Electro and Hardstyle. Premiumshirts for men and women in many colors and all sizes from S to 5X from the Bass Player’s T-Shirt Shop:

Drop the Bass T-Shirts

Life isn’t worth the treble

Drop the bass t-shirts

Forget all your trebles



The Bass Players T-Shirt Shop

Yesterday we opened our brand new Bass Player’s T-Shirts Shop with t-shirts and gifts for bass and double bass players, musicians of all kinds, deep voice singers, e-bass players and instrumentalists with tuba or bassoon:

Bass Player T-Shirts

The Bass Players T-Shirts and Gift Shop

Let’s Make Some Noise!

Let’s make some noise! Designs for musicians, DJ’s, sound technicians, sound engineers or for the invitation for your next party. Available to buy on clothing, t-shirts, hoodies, kid’s clothes, skirts, cases & skins, stickers, prints, cards, posters, throw pillows, duvet covers, travel mugs and tote bags:

dubstep postcardsEDM Postcards

Drum and Bass Postcards

Music Postcards

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