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TOO BIG TO FAIL Overweight T-Shirts

T-shirts from the Winnershirts T-Shirt Shop with a nice and funny saying for overweight, obese, oversized and slightly thicker people. The quote actually means that companies above a certain size are too big to fail. Men’s and women’s premium shirts in many different colors and all sizes up to 5X.

too big to fail overweight t-shirts



Save the Planet T-Shirts

Sometimes you get the feeling it maybe might be better to make something useful. For example, to do something good, save the Planet or something like that… And then you want to show other people to maybe find fellows to work together on the big goal of saving the world. Or at least continue dreaming, as you do not have the time to play an active part. In the Winner TShirts Shop you will find Tshirts with the high philosophical statement, ‘I’d rather be saving the Planet in many colors for men and women and in all sizes up to 5XL.
saving the planet t-shirts for world savers

Save the Planet T-Shirts

Suit And Tuxedo T-Shirts

Sorry, my tuxedo is in the wash right now… – T-shirts as funny and elegant suit or tuxedo sustitutes? Apart from the fact, that suits should not be cleaned in the washing machine, it is nevertheless always good to be recourcefully and to have an excuse in cases of doubt… New shirts from the Winner Shirts Shop!

tuxedo t-shirts


There are lot’s of Superhero t-shirts out there. But there’s only one IRONIC MAN shirt for those who feel fit enough to fight in exhausting disziplines like irony, sarkasm, and zynizism:


Ironic man superhero t-shirts

Winner T-Shirts

This is what winners look like! T-shirts for real winners, athletes, sportsmen, champions and number ones in many different colors from the WinnerShirts t-shirt shop:

winner t-shirts

Best Dad T-Shirts

Nice gifts for fathers’ day, birthday or christmas: Best Dad and Best Daddy T-Shirts are now available in the WinnerShirts T-Shirts Shop.

best dad t-shirts and gifts

Womanizer T-Shirts

womanizer t-shirts

T-shirts for international womanizers

Net Shirts

Stunning net t-shirts for a surprise entrance and an exciting new look are now available in the Winnershirt Shop! The seductive t-shirts with mock transparency are sexy without being vulgar. With these double-take provoking shirts, you will attract attention and smiles wherever you go: your club, your disco, or at parties with friends and colleagues. Also the ultimate eye-catcher at the office, on the road, on vacation and on the beach.

Fishnet T-Shirts for the big occurs

Ironic Man T-Shirts

Are you looking for Iron Man, the film, or the homonymous action-hero? Are you interested in the Iron Man Triathlon, this murderous sport?

Sorry, but you are unfortunately wrong here, because, irony of destiny: This article is about Ironic Man and t-shirts for this famous ironic Superhero! You can find the shirts in the Winnershirt Shop in the Category “Ironic Man T-Shirts“.  Ideal gifts and workwear for those who feel fit enough to fight in exhausting disziplines like irony, sarkasm and zynicism. Ironic Man 2013 shirts now also available.

T-Shirts for Ironic Men