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Anchor T-Shirts

Anchor t-shirts and gifts for captains, sailors, skippers, seamen, helmsmen, mariners or water sports enthusiast. If you are interested in themes like shipping, boating, yachting, sailboating, cruising or water sports then this shirt might please you. Sizes from S to 3XL in different colors for women, men and children. The distressed imprint gives the shirts a nice used look appearance:

Anchor T-Shirt

Anchor T-Shirts Vintage White

anchor sailing sailor t-shirt vintage black

Anchor T-Shirts Vintage Black

The Sailing T-Shirts Shop

There are some new designs available in the Sailing T-Shirts Shop:

Sailing T-Shirts

I’d rather be Sailing
– The Sailing T-Shirts Shop –

Sailing T-Shirts and Gifts for Sailors

Sailor t-shirts and gifts for sailors Blog

Here comes the relaunch of the Sailing T-Shirt Shop! We have revised and reorganized all the shirts and designs . All designs are now available for men, women, children and babies. Because of the high quality we now solely use American Apparel T-shirts for the adult sizes.
And here is for today a first overview of some of the new categories (Feel free to click on the shirts to get to the category in the shop):

The Sailor T-Shirts:

Sailor T-Shirts Category

The Captain T-Shirts:

Captain T-Shirts Category

The Steering Wheel T-Shirts:

Steering Wheel T-Shirts Category

The Skipper T-Shirts:

Skipper T-Shirts Category

And with the Sailor T-Shirt Designer you can very easily design your own personal sailing t-shirts!

Sailing t-shirts for children

If you are looking for kid’s sailing t-shirts, simply click on the shirt to visit the Sailing T-Shirts Shop!

Sailing t-shirts for kids