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The Captain is Always Right Sailing T-Shirts

These funny boating & sailing shirts from our Sail T-Shirts and Gifts Collection are nice birthday presents or Christmas gifts for captains, sailors and skippers hosting visitors or teams on board of their motor boats, houseboats, sailboats, yachts, cruise ships or vessels. If you are interested in shipping, boating, yachting, sailboating, sailing gear, sailing clothes, sail clothing or funny sailing quotes and want to make it clear who the boss is on board of your boat, then you might like this shirt:

Captain Sailing T-Shirts

Anchor Sailing T-Shirts

Sailing and boating t-shirts from our Sail T-Shirts and Gifts Collection with a print of a stylish distressed ship or boat anchor-design are nice sail clothing, birthday presents and Christmas gifts for captains, sailors, skippers, seamen or helmsmen. If you are interested in sail wear, yacht clothing, anchor shirt, shirts with anchors, anchor printing, marine clothing, sailor outfits, sailing team apparel, clothes for sailing, you might like this shirt:

Anchor Sailing T-Shirts